Yeah yeah yeah…

I know it’s Mojave Experiment

Well…NOW I do…

But I didn’t before…*because I could pretty much care LESS* and so now, whenever someone types in MojaveExperience… *all one word* …my website comes up.


Maybe Microsoft should have came up with a shorter no-fail name. How bout THAT.

Okay, so while I have an audience…let me just say…

Windows Vista sucks!

I feel compelled to reiterate what folks have been saying since Microsoft released this wack, sub-par product…Windows Vista should not have been released. And no matter what way you package it…whether it’s Mojave Experiment or Mojave Experience or the Mojo Jojo Experience, the crap will continue to suck. The licensing sucks, the UAC sucks…and I don’t even want to talk about what you did to my router when you were first brought into my proud little networking environment. The mere flashbacks make me want to drop kick this laptop. *But I gotta work tomorrow … so let me not*

Longhorn (now known as Vista) should have stayed in development until you had beat it into submission. And I’m upset that you’re still allowing people to sell this crap as the default operating system. Windows XP should STILL be an option. When you realized that Vista was a big fat FAIL, you should have just saved yourself more humiliation and just took it off the shelves. As it stands now, I’ve had to format and install Windows XP on 3 laptops and 4 desktops so far. And if Little Mojo is going to cause the same problems…just…save me the headache. Please.

I WILL, however, say that … no matter how many times you edited and chopped that commercial to make sure that everyone was saying OOOO and AAAAH….unless Mojave or Little Mojo can fly, magically create spreadsheets, and fit into any networking environment seamlessly…I will NOT be participating in your EXPERIMENT or EXPERIENCE or whatever the heck you feel like you want to call it after it’s been released.

That is all.

….for now….