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I like it here…..I’ve had several jobs that I’ve really liked in the past. My favorite was Milk Fed. OMG, I have so many clothes from there. Milk Fed Clothing Corp was/is a clothing line owned by Sofia Coppola. I worked there as an assistant to the head accountant who would come in once a month to make sure I was on track.

God, I hate numbers…

This coming from a person who has found that everyone wants to hire her and pay good money for her to what?

You got it…..crunch numbers…

I’m hoping that getting my MPA will help me to obtain more Human Resources/Managerial type positions, rather than Accounting/Managerial positions.

Anyhow, I took some more shots with my new camera….

It’s got great quality. It’s got the same features as my old Canon A80, but it’s smaller and i can drop it in my jeans real easy.

That’s it for today…..glad you guys like the layout.
Have a blessed day…