usually in the morning as soon as I get to work. Maybe one day I’ll feed it before I leave for work. It’s bad enough I have to wake up at 7 just so that I can leave by 7:50 and sit on the freeway for an hour. To wake up even earlier to make some cream of wheat or cereal is a stretch. :thumbsdown:

After wading through Monday morning randomness and confusion, i must admit…i’m feeling a little EH. And i’m NOT looking forward to Bally’s tonight. But alas…a girl must do…what a girl must do…

Saturday night, Incog and I went to the store and I picked up the latest People Magazine because I saw Nick and Jessica on the front cover. I just HAD to know what happened. lol I was one of the faithful watchers of “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica”. That was my show! :blush: Anyways, I read that she didnt have a pre-nup. I understand love, this and that…but geez. At the time of their marriage, Nick was making more than she was. And after their show took off, her album and bank account did too. She was making WAY more than him. *sigh*

On Sunday, i did a little programming…and then mopped and cleaned up a little. Call me crazy, but it’s something great about clean linoleum and the smell of pinesol/bleach.

Payday is tomorrow…woo hoo! I still havent decided as to whether I’ll be buying a gateway, hp or apple computer / laptop, but I’ve come to the conclusion that DELL is OUT. Their support SUCKS. Anyhow, payday means more money in savings, means more money saved for a Laptop purchase in Late January.

Anyhow, Hope you had a good Monday.


7 replies to “My stomach growls…

  1. Chris @ Random Chaos

    You’d think that Jessica would have been given some advice by one of her attorneys or accountants about the need for a prenup.

    I remember reading that a Supreme Court justice died without a will, so having knowledge sometimes doesn’t lead to action, however.

    Wait to buy a computer until right after Christmas. The stores will want to sell off any left overs that weren’t sold during the holiday season. You might be able to get a great deal.


  2. mrs-tj

    NO PRENUP!!! :hissy:
    You got to be kidding me.
    Love is cool and all, but revenge can be a biotch! I guess that’s why he was cool as hell watching the football game on Thanksgiving…Cuz he knows he is about to be paid!


  3. InsanelySane

    Where you been at girl?

    I feel you on the smell of Pine-Sol and Bleach, I thought I was crazy alone.

    Nick is one fine ass white boy. I used to love the “Newlyweds” and Jessica Simpson dumb ass.


    “Is this chicken cause it tastes like tuna? It says Chicken of the Sea.”


  4. Jay Phillz

    You know what i say:

    get you a powerbook! the new intel (read: pentium) based powerbooks/iBooks should be out by early feb. which make them even cheaper than they are now. Andif they are not… I still say go Mac! Its a dope development platform, it supports networking with a pc (so you can share files), and its overall better than sliced bread!

    Miss ya sis!


  5. C2a

    I love my Apple, but buying all the Microsoft stuff is annoying. My computer broke and they pretty much gave me a new machine. Nothing on it, is the same as what I took in to be repaired. It was covered under warranty.


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