I guess ya can see that I’m working like a wild woman over here on this layout…:typing:

Apologies if you’re having ANY trouble viewing posts or anything like that…..I’m just adding a few things/sections….and making the layout…..more…..”ME”…*giggle*.

I should be done with everything by tonight I guess….but then again, i’ll be taking pictures on Friday and Saturday, so who knows…maybe I’ll wait until then to do more changes cause my hair will be on point. :thumbsup:

[EDIT] I’m DONE…fuck it [/EDIT]

Things have been good, so far today….:thumbsup:

As soon as I leave work, I’m gonna be headed home to do some work on this here website again, and then it’ll be back to the gym. The gym is becoming my second home…which is okay…because im really tryna put forth the effort in losing this weight…

I must admit that I slipped up over the weekend when we went to my mom’s house….:mouthshut: What can I say? The Mac N Cheese was on point. :razz: But i made up for it on the treadmil on Sunday, so hopefully that wont be adding to my weight …

Im hoping that the weekend will come faster, even though Incog wont be here. :ouch: But I know he’ll be having fun, so I’m just gonna have to find things to occupy my time and pray him through the flight and trip. I get to see my spec on Friday so that will be coolio…I’m thinking Dinner at Olive Garden…..:yummy: We’ll see….

I still have to hit up Babys R Us…but that’s the easy part….wrapping is the part I hate….The only part i really like is the stickers and the little notes….*giggle*…

Which reminds me….I got my new San-X Buru Buru Dog Stationary Letter Sets today in the mail. They are so cute. :)

*sigh*….I guess that’s it….Happy Hump Day!