You probably saw me working on it yesterday….lol. My page was allllll ova tha place, while I was trying to figure out alignment and what not. Apologies! But I finally got the new layout up and I hope you like it.

EGH, my throat feels like someone rubbed it with sandpaper while I was sleeping. :( That added to EVERYTHING ELSE makes me not want to go to work. But I have a feeling that I’ll be one of 2 or 3 people there today, so I may as well.

AND, my camera arrives today! WOO HOO! It is CURRENTLY out for delivery….which means, I GOTTA GET TO WORK! order should be in tomorrow. As well as, MY NEW SKATES! WOO HOO!

Anyhow, gotta get dressed…im late!

And I’m back…Okay, so the Saga contiues…..*READ YESTERDAY’S POST IF YOU’RE CONFUSED*

I got an email about 10 minutes ago, from Kit in the “Satisfaction Squad” saying that my order was going to be put back into production in response to the email i sent ON THE 7TH in response to his question as to whether I wanted a different font because the one they had wasnt available.

I kindly sent an email back to ALL of the emails they had listed on the website.

I sent this reply on the 7TH!!! ANd you’re just responding 11 days later!?!

I needed these by this Friday!! If I can not RECEIVE THEM *read, if they
will not be in my hands by THIS FRIDAY, I want to cancel my order.

And I’m sure it will be another two weeks before I get a response back.


And I’m back again…’s HERE!



I took a picture of it next to a staple remover so you can see how small it is…lol….it’s so TINY! All the features of a a small, stylish carriage. :)

Have a blessed day!