I went to my “meeting” yesterday and it went GRRRRRRREAT! *:thumbsup: at Coley*

I wasnt sure what to expect, but when a building is located just after Rodeo Drive and the next street over from the Avenue of Stars……what else could you possible expect? lol Everything went smoothly and nicely and I was very proud to have had the opportunity. I just hope things work out *keeping fingers crossed*. In the meantime, I’m not “putting all my eggs into one basket”….keeping things open.

After I got home, I realize JUST HOW MUCH ROAD RUNNER CABLE/DSL SUCKS for giving me a WACK router. Somehow my websites are all blocking MY OWN ip address because I access them so much. SMH. So I bit the bullet this morning and ordered a DLINK CABLE ROUTER on my own. Because the one they gave me, obviously sucks…and after spending an hour on the phone with the guy from RR Support, I realized that they werent going to be able to do anything except come out and see what the problem is *for the FOURTH time*. YEP, they’ve already been to our house three times because i have to restart the router everytime incog wants to use his CPU at the same time as myself…kinda crap is that….anyways, enough techy talk.

So far the morning is going pretty well, besides the fact that I’ve only been here an hour. I just hope things continue to be this quiet, and run this smoothly……

have a blessed day you guys!

PS. To those who tossed up a prayer on my behalf yesterday, I DEFINATELY felt it in the “meeting”.