alright…there’s a reason for the quotes around “WINTER”.

Apparently, The winter of 2005/2006 will start on the 21st of December, 2005, at 1:35 PM EST (18:35 GMT). It will end (and spring start) on the 20 th of March, 2006, at 1:26 PM EST (18:26 GMT).

But, out here in Cali, it already feels like Winter. The past few days have been really cold and rainy. Today seems like it might turn out alright, but who knows. The suns out…I wonder how cold it is around the beach.

I woke up before Incog this morning to handle some business. Seems like a few of my clients are involved in fraud. :pissed: You try to protect yourselves from the stupids, but sometimes it doesnt always work. :typing:

I think we’re going running this morning. Incog’s chargin’ up his Ipod. I think I might have to breeze past his computer and jack his Ipod cord since I cant find mine. :mouthshut:

We made tacos last night…In my opinion, they could have been better, but according to Incog, they were pretty good.*5 points for Courtney* Those who know me, know my cooking skills are QUITE questionable. Give me some frozen hotdogs or frozen fishsticks and I’ll “COOK” them for ya:thumbsup:, but uhh…hand made? :thumbsdown: I’m learnin…I’m learnin.

Welp, Happy Saturday ya’ll! And please pray that these fraud people from Paypal will use some common sense.