Who would have thought that my new jam would come from a show that I didn’t even think I’d like…
The Pilot for CWs “Privileged” was on point…

CWs 90210 = FAIL…still. Just let it go…please CW. Just let it go…

No one knows – Asa

Just the other day, the other day
I was talking to the weather man
About today oh oh oh
And all,all he could say
Was no one knows tomorrow

See I can read the weather child
I can say maybe the rain will fall
The sun will shine oh oh ohh….
But that’s as far as my story goes

Cos no one knows tomorrow
Oh oh ha…no one knows tomorrow

Tell me what’s the need
To go to war/all the killings
Just to settle some one else’s score o o o
When the victory isn’t even sure
No one knows tomorrow