Well, Kinda…a 15 page dissertation on Dysfunctional Management and a 20 minute presentation on what I’d learned….the last night of the class….WOO HOO…….:woohoo:…..8 More to go….:wtf:

I think this class was the roughest one I’ve had to take in my Master’s pursuit. I don’t think it would have been as bad had all of the stuff with the company not been going on *the month of helping plan the conference, the week long conference itself, the promotion* as well as the stuff that I was dealing with personally *health stuff*. I TRULY feel closer to God…I believe that May will be the toughest month of the year. Everything else will be good smooth sailing. :pray:

Anyhow…I’ve ordered my books for the Summer 06 Classes. Can you believe they start next week? I feel like I just finished one semester and now I’m having to jump RIGHT IN to more classes…..ALREADY! But there’s a goal at the end of this…and end result that I’m trying to keep reminding myself of. And I appreciate that you all are reminding me too. ;) It helps.

Now that I’m able to breathe, I’ve really been concentrating on my health and things that I put into my body. I bought a new dress from Guess in hopes that by July 1, I’ll be able to actually put it on without suffocating or passing out from exhaustion in the efforts of trying to get it over my head and boobage. :shocked: So far, so good though. I dont expect immediate results, but I dont feel as rundown as I did before…and more importantly…my attitude and temper have much much better. It’s amazing what a change in diet can do for ya. :smile:

Incog and I are doing pretty swell. :couple: I wouldnt have it any other way…

OMG….It’s over….and I can finally breathe.

Goodnight! Have a happy Hump Day e’erybody!

Stay Blessed