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before I start my weekend….

Went to the skating rink last night…got a blister :pissed: , but it was worth it…my legs are thanking me today…lol

I woke up early to go get my hair done and BOOOOOOI did it need it. I got scolded for waiting so long…when you have a relationship like that with your beautician, it’s a GOOD thing. I dont think my hair would have grown back to be this long if it wasnt for her. :thumbsup:

My sands Britni gave birth today. CONGRATULATIONS SANDSIE! We’re all growing up so fast….*sigh*. So many babies now…First Raynee, then Erika, now Brit….:grouphug: I love my sisters.

I’m gonna get up and go pack in a minute…that’s the only thing I dont like about going on trips…the packing. I dont think I’m going to check a bag though. If they were to ruin my new Guess Luggage, I’d have to crawl out on the runway and slap some folks. It would be me, them, and the airport security that would have to save THEM. And you can just forget shoes and belt for the flight. I’m wearin flip flops…I REFUSE to have to go through the taking off of shoes again to get through security scans.

Oh, i forgot to introduce you to Ernie. He’s my work buddy. Go Trojans! :curtsey:

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Anyhow, me and my patna in crime (Erika) will be together again this weekend. I’m super excited. Expect lots of pictures, you know me well enough by now.


With new layouts come site fixes…I fixed the SUBSCRIBE feature. Thanks to Bruthacode for bringing it to my attention. I also STOPPED the Radio.Blog AUTOPLAY. I did this because it was slowing down the site load for the Modemly Challenged.

Anyhow…have a blessed Friday and Weekend ya’ll. Stay safe.