Flashback Photo…this was taken just before my birthday…in 2004. Two years ago. God….I want my little body back…

Well…I think everything is on track for my party next Friday. I think….. Evite has been sent..25 “Yes” responses. Things seem to be going OK. :thumbsup: Bri’s flying in from New York, and pretty much all the folks that i want to be there *besides a few out of towners* will be there. even Shaun and Kim are coming. I dont know if Jenny will be there, but I HOPE so…things have been really good between us lately. Love my cousin to death. But anyways, no complaints here.

I got a lot of errands done today, so I was happy about that. And now…..now i just feel like relaxing.

I forgot to post the photos of the stuff that I got from the WONDERFUL seller on Ebay.

I’m gonna go watch The First 48 on A&E with Incog. I think I’ve missed like…half of it already….and that’s not cool. Love that show…
Happy Friday!

Stay Blessed.