that was my motivation this morning….a serious meeting calls for serious clothing. :thumbsup:And while i wasnt TOO excited to step out of my jeans….i must admit…i am looking GOOD! :lol: Dun mean to toot my own horn but damnit “TOOT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOT”. :blush:

Anyways, yesterday was HORRID…the morning started off horrible with an argument and then an apology by someone who is in higher power than me. It’s tough being the only girl in a company full of men…:hissy:…they tend to lose their senses in times of stress…and i thought it was only GIRLS who had PMS. Anyhow, when they come BACK to their senses, there’s always an apolog. “Gee court, i’m sorry for the past few days…it’s been kinda crazy…”…

So today, i sit in my pinstripe suit….waiting for 5pm, when i can throw on my workout shorts and hit the local Ballys to cycle out all of the potential madness of today.

So far so good….:thumbsup: