Praises go up :pray: and blessings come down. :tearsjoy: Yep…..I finally did it. :thumbsup:

IMG 0279 1 250The Lord blessed me with admission into the Masters of Public Administration program that I’ve been trying to get into. Remember the GRE? Passed it…Remember the Statement of Purpose? Wrote it…Remember that new Apple IBook? laptop Bout to go get that in a month…lol…*shadup, it was my present to myself, remember? lol*

Anyhow…I think the first thing I did besides send out a mass text message was…
hit up the bookstore and buy a hooded sweatshirt. It’s one of my college staples. University Sweatshirt, jeans and a teeshirt and I’m good to go for the day. I might even have to go to the USC Bookstore to get a new sweatshirt since i’ve worn out my old one.

Anyhow, I was happy with all of the faculty that i’ve met so far. That’s one of the things that influences my decision about schools/classes….whether or not I’ll be able to get along with the faculty and blow up their email boxes with questions. :cloud9:

IMG 0282 1 250I havent decided whether or not I’m going to write a thesis or take the comprehensive exam, but Lucho’s given me advice. One of the advisors that I had talked to on the phone previously, gave me some hints and told me that I should write a paper since my gre score for Analytical Writing was so damn high. Maybe she’s right…but I’ll see how I feel after the first semester. Thesis preparation takes 8 months at least, and it all depends on time/motivation.:typing:

Wow….I just want to say thank you to GOD, first and foremost…for opening doors and throwing me through them *giggle*…to my momma, who will need to teach me the words to her alma mater once I’ve got my classes scheduled, and to incog….for keeping me laughing, pushing my studying and just being there to hear me stress and gripe. To everyone out in blogdom…thank you for hearing me out and for praying for me. Praises go up, blessings come down.

Oh and Dear Erika…I’ll post the pictures whenever I FEEL LIKE IT! *giggle* just kidding..i know im slacking, but I was preparing for my meeting this morning, so I will make sure that I post the pictures from this past weekend later on tonight…

To Daddy: Thanks for always telling me to – “Keep your eyes on the Prize“.



Photos from this weekend are located here.

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