It’s friday……we’re all supposed to be happy…..but, where is everyone? What’ ya’ll doin this weekend?

In any case…have a good one….:surprised:



Now: What Color Shirt are you wearing? green flowery thing….pink button up jacket…

Now: What are you listening to? nothing….but I wish Anthony Hamilton

Now: Hair color? brown

Now: Eye color? brown

Now: Missing someone? always

Now: What book(s) are you reading? GRE


Last: 3 digits in your phone number? 242

Last: thing you ate? yogurt and pretzels

Last: person you talked to on the phone? my coworker

Last: person you IMed? Kipp

Last: Movie(at home) Watched? Lord of the Rings I and II

Last: Movie(in theaters) Watched? i dont remember, its been a while


Favorite: Day? friday

Favorite: Month? December

Favorite: Candy? Reeses

Favorite: Color? pink, teal

Favorite: Hero? idk…

Favorite: Villian? idk…

Favorite: Food? grilled cheese, or ravioli

Favorite: Hugs or Kisses? hugs, but it depends on the person

Favorite: Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla? chocolate

Favorite: Movie? Rain Man

Favorite: Racing Team? idk

Favorite: Type of Popcorn? Homestyle

Favorite: Dogs or Cats? dogs – cats NEVER

Favorite: Flower? yellow tea rose


Do: You drink? yes, but very rarely…
Do: You smoke? no

Do: You wear contacts? everyday

Do: You want your friends to do this? i dont care

Do: You think anyone will respond? maybe


Have: You ever got so drunk that you…? yeah…
Have: You ever cried for no reason? yes

Have: Piercings? 6 (2 in left ear, 3 in right ear, 1 in tongue)

Have: Pets? not any more (tear)


Travel: Plane or Car? plane

Hand: Right or Left? right