I know it’s been a while …. it seems like it’s a month in between each of my posts these days… :thumbsdown: …school has been runnin me ragged….but, to be honest…it could be worse.

Weekend before last, Incog and I went to Seattle….:kiss:…OMG, I love Seattle…I like the people *so far*…I like the ocean…and I like the homes. :woohoo: Seattle is muy bueno.

:camera: – I added photos from our trip.

School is…..still in session. *sigh*. Yep…summer session has lasted at least 10 weeks so far. I believe it’s actually 12 weeks total. :shocked: At one point, I had 3 classes going at once…I’m glad that the number is slowly dwindling. God’s been watchin over me. :pray:

I’m still on the weightloss kick..and to be honest, with all that’s been going on, I havent really been as faithful to it as I would have liked…eh…but what can ya do….:cry:. I can still fit the bridesmaid dress and that’s all that matters right? :wtf:

I hope to be updating more as August moves forward…I’m really going to try this time. :) Promise!

If I’m not posting on here…you can ALWAYS find and JOIN me…at Imgrown.com. *Quick Plug* I know some of you have already joined, but….there are some of you who havent. :hissy: It’s a great forum, with great people…Im sure you’ll have fun. :razz:

Anyhow, stay blessed!