I guess as soon as I start to excel in one area, I slack off in another…*sigh*.

I haven’t really had a chance to post in a few days. My bad. This week is flying by so fast. I feel like it was just. Sunday.

Random Thoughts for Wednesday:

  • Thank God for Lysol wipes…
  • Who ever thought choosing a paint color for an office would be so damn hard?
  • I forgot Flavor of Love (Season 3) had already started.
  • There are so many interesting people in the blogosphere…and I’m glad to have a good mix of acquaintances.
  • God’s an awesome God…
  • Time to get back on track with my training program. Hopefully I can get my body on a new schedule once I get the office setup and get used to driving to an office every morning. Maybe waking up at 5am is going to be the key to still being able to hit the gym in the morning. I’ll just have to take an earlier cycling class.
  • I’m looking for a heavy flash programmer for contract work. If you know anyone, have them email me.

A new episode of The Gauntlet III is about to come on…must go.

Hope that you had a Happy Hump Day!