Two ladies met up after a few years of not having talked. They found a nice spot on a log, and swinging their legs, they begin to discuss their marriages and how things had been over the past few years…

Lady 1: OMG! It’s been so long since we talked! How are things with your husband? Wasnt your anniversary celebration recently?
Lady 2: Yes! It was so great! On our 1st wedding anniversary, Harry bought me a diamond bracelet!
Lady 1: Isn’t that nice!
Lady 2: Yep! And on our 2nd wedding anniversary, Harry bought me diamond earings!
Lady 1: Isn’t that nice!
Lady 2: Yep! And on our 3RD wedding anniversary, he bought me a car!
Lady 1: Isn’t that nice!
Lady 2: Sure is! But all this talk about me…..What did your husband get on your anniversary?
Lady 1: Well……on our anniversary, my husband bought me etiquette lessons. So instead of saying “Fuck You!” or “Fucking Bitch!”, I say, “Isn’t that nice!”.

Grr….dont you hate it when you’re having a good day and someone comes along and “Pees in your Cheerios”?
And they KNOW what they’re doing and take pride in trying to sabotage your day….

The person may not necessarily be “negative”, but just have a nack for spoiling what would ordinarily be a happy day. Those people get on my nerves. You just wanna throw a shoe straight for their forhead or make direct contact with your fist.

But while it may make you feel better momentarily…..your negative response is exactly what they’re looking for. It means they’ve won. So I think instead of saying “fuck you”, i’m just gonna start saying, “Isnt that nice”.

Yesterday started off good, middled out to kind of shaky, and after my beautician’s car got stranded, I decided to head home and do some serious COURTNEY shopping. :razz:

I went to new york company, then I went to express – ran into janetta (Zeta) who I hadn’t seen in a long time, and I went to the Apple store to see about getting Incog’s Ipod fixed, and then I went to the gym. :thumbsup:

I was kind of irritated at Apple because i had gone in on Monday and asked them if they offered immediate service support or if i was going to have to leave it and come back and they told me that it was immediate and to just bring it in. Fine….Great. So when i went yesterday, I walked in and the gentleman told me that I had to make an appointment and that the next available time was TWO HOURS from then. :wtf:

*blank stare*

“Well…….Isn’t that nice”.

*snatch back the Ipod*

Anyhow, I spent a lot of money that I shouldnt have yesterday…Good thing I dont own any credit cards….a tee hee hee… :blush: But I was able to get a lot of new clothes for work, so I’m really happy about that. I have a “meeting” at 3 today, so pray for me if you will….

I hope you guys all have a blessed Hump Day!