FreedomLand – Samuel L. Jackson
It looks GOOD. It comes out February 17th and that might need to be a movie theatre trip. :thumbsup:

I didnt really have much to say tonight. Incog and I are taking our cars to get them tinted tomorrow. He purchased an Acura CL S-Type (white). He’s been dying to get one for a while now, and I’m so happy that he was able to find it with everything you wanted in it. :) So now that we both have new cars, we’re going to get them treated to a first class window tinting. *giggle*

I’ve gotten two of the books I ordered already. I wasnt expecting to get anything until at least Monday, which makes me happy; especially since the book that’s most important arrived first. I was able to finish up the first reading which was due the first day of class. I wasnt able to do the reading since I didnt know that I would be taking the course, and therefore, didnt have the book. But now that I have it, I’ve done the reading for last week and this week already. :curtsey:

If you have a second…go and read this post: Is The Grass “really” Greener? Well said, Thykness! Well said!

Welp, I’m sleepy. I’ve done a few updates….

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Hope you all have a blessed weekend!