Thanks & kisses to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!

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It was truly appreciated! :)

At work, they had a cake in honor of Kipp *who is leaving* and I. It was super good, from Gelson’s. I’m going to Mom’s tomorrow for lunch with incog, and planning to pick up my Canon Powershot SD30 the day that it arrives at BestBuy.

And as a treat for myself for my birthday, I bought myself the new LG VX9800 and according to the guy at the counter, i was the second person to buy one at the store. *cheese*

I like it cause i can get my text message on, without having to use T9. It’s like a sidekick…for Verizon. :) It retails at $456.00, BUT, i sold my old phone on Ebay and got $250.00 for it, so after the taxes of the new phone, i pretty much only paid $250.00 for the new one *half the price*.

I came home to the brand new Pink and White Jordans that I had been oogling while we were at the Santa Monica Promenade on Saturday. Incog gave them to me as a present. I’m soo happy! :)

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IMG 3152 225

IMG 3151 225

Welp! I took the GRE, but I think I could have done better, so I had rescheduled to take it on November 11th. But when i contacted the Program Department of the Univ. that I’m applying to, they told me not to worry about it, so we’ll see. I cancelled the GRE for that day and I’m supposed to meet with them on the 25th of this month, after I return from AZ.

I added the radio blog to the actual site, so the pop-up is optional, but if you have your speakers on right now…you should be listening to everything that I am. :thumbsup:

Thank you all so much for your well wishes on the GRE. prayers have now shifted to D-Day (OCTOBER 25th), the date of my Interview with the Masters Program Director. Pray for me PLEASE!