Guess what showed up on my credit card today? :shocked:
I’m so HEATED, I cant even contain myself.:pissed:

I called the company again *since i havent heard from the owner since that day*…I spoke with one of his flunkies, who told me that theyd “Call him right now, I mean…tell him when he gets here”. SMH. My response? “Get your story straight. And let him know that I’ve already started my complaint with the BBB, and that I’ll be calling my card company once the payment clears so that I can dispute it. It would behoove him to call me back right away. *Click*”

A few minutes later *like i knew he would once he heard BBB*, DANNY FROM REGAL CARPET calls me and tells me that they havent charged my card yet; BS, because i already called WAMU and verified. :mad:

He tells me “No, the guy’s explaination doesnt make sense, but he went out of his way to go there the next day”. BS: He could have done the work he did the second day…THE FIRST DAY. He just wanted to be able to charge more. :mad:

He tells me “well, like i said…im only going to charge you $100 for the work. It takes 30 seconds to make the change”. BS: I was quoted $90.00 for the work originally. :mad:

When I asked him why it’s $10.00 more? He said “Because the guy was courteous to come back the next day”. BS: COURTEOUS??? You’ve GOT to be kidding me. :mad:

SMH. In doing my research I’ve found that this company has had 6 other claims against them through the BBB, check it out. I should have researched them before…but who woulda thought that they would have been so SHADY!

In my quest to rate them poorly on EVERY WEBSEARCH SERVICE I could find *f0ck em. they shouldnt have charged my card.*, I also found out even MORE information.Their Location Info

After calling WAMU, and filing the claim with BBB…I think I’m just OVER this whole situation. There are a lot of things that I would change. :uhh:

1) I would have walked away when that guy walked in and tried to tell me it would be more than was quoted over the phone. I could have easily called someone else and saved myself the stress and drama.

2) I would have gone with Good ol’ Stanley Steamer. Sometimes tryna save a few bucks ends up costing you WAY more in the end.

3) Look at the contract more carefully. I really didnt notice the $140.00 instead of $90.00 or the fact that he neglected to put “Truck Mounted”…or the fact that he put 3 bedrooms instead of Living Room, and Dining Room. :shocked:

Tell everyone you know…DONT F0CK WITH REGAL CARPET IN CANOGA PARK, CA. They’ll do ya dirty! And they should NOT be allowed to treat people that way.

Welp…that’s it for me…..have a blessed evening ya’ll!