Jesus Mother Mary and Joseph on the cross….:typing:

Remember last week when I Was told that i was an Elementary School Teacher?

SO GUESS WHO WORKS AT THE BANK NOW……:surprised: yep you guessed it……NOT ME.

So I’m on the Freeway this time….the slow-0-5…giving people much opportunity to mingle through their windows as they drive to and from work on a daily basis….I’m munchin on my morning apple…minding my own business, just trying to get to work in a timely fashion…and I hear a Honk beside me…..I look over and there’s this black man waving fanatically…..I thought something was wrong, so in my haste, i dropped my apple trying to hold one hand on the wheel and press the down button on the automatic windows….

*my window rolls down*…

Me: yeah?
Black Man in the Hooptie: I just didnt want you to think i was crazy…
Me: huh? uhh…..for what??
Black Man in the Hooptie: I thought you changed lanes because i was looking in your car!
Me: *whispering to self* well, if i woulda known…….
Black Man in the Hooptie: Eh! Did you used to work at the bank? I just thought I saw you there a couple times….
Me: *looking back down at the apple on the floor* NO. :mouthshut:
Black Man in the Hooptie: Oh! I’m sorry, you just look so familiar…

Me: *looking back down at the apple on the floor* :pissed:

*pressing the up button on my car window*
*thinking…this nikka made me drop my breakfast*

Eh well, the day went pretty good…..I have no “general” complaints…I’m hungry though…I hope incog comes up with some food ideas soon…*giggle*

Anyhow, tomorrow is Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday……..WOO HOO! :cloud9:

Praise be to God for all things…let’s get Friday crackin!
Have a blessed Friday ya’ll!



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