Well, it’s time to make some educated decisions, and make educated choices…..

I signed up to take the GRE Exam the day before my Birthday *October 6th* at 2pm. And I bought a book for it too…:blush:
I’ve decided that in order to get what I want, I’m gonna have to take charge. Meaning: I’m gonna have to find a more suitable position…and get my masters. I’ve been putting everything off like crazy…filled out applications *never sent them*, obtained recommendations *never sealed em*…..just being slow……and it’s time to get things in order. You know me, I always have to have a plan, but this time…I dont have one. All I have are steps….and I’m pretty sure that God will fill in the rest.

A lot of things became EXTRA clear to me this morning..*where’s that damn lightbulb smiley*…it’s time to get back to bein the Old Court like when i started the company and taking charge….

wish me luck…:thumbsup: