Somehow, i cant help but be a little flustered. :pissed: Just like the SATs held the key to getting into USC, the GRE holds the key into getting into a good Masters program. God, if it could only be EASIER. As simple as it SOUNDS *get a good grade, apply*, the GRE doesnt seem that easy. I’ve bought books, *e-books, and bound books*….registered on websites *practice tests, and daily notes*….and now i’m feeling like, maybe I should just….

GIVE UP. :uhh: I’m PRAYING that the test will be easier than these practice tests I’m doing…:pray:…I DO have a month and some change right? *sigh*

But I cant, because I know that a Master will help me to secure higher positions, and more money. CHA-CHING. :thumbsup:

So….I ask….have you taken the GRE? When did you take it? Was it hard? How many times did you take it? How well did you do? Did you get in to the school that you wanted to?

Pray that I get through this…with a score good enough to get in…

PS. Someone jacked some of my photos so i had to enable hotlink…sorry ya’ll…kind of fuggs things up for the cool folks

Have a Blessed Week Ya’ll…


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  1. PC

    I took the GRE last November after completing the Kaplan GRE Prep Course (:thumbsup: to company discounts). I did WAY better on the GRE than I did before I took the course and got into my top choice. :cloud9:


  2. Cassandra

    The GRE is no joke. Those one minute breaks and looking at the computer screens for hours plays with your mind a little. i didn’t do as well as I wanted and took the MAT also for backup. I have been in grad school for a year now and I didn’t get into the school of my choice, the devil is a lie and God always comes through because I got into a better school!!! :sun: Just remember he will never put more on you than you can bear and if it is meant for you then it will be provided. God Bless and keep :pray:


  3. rainmayun

    I’ve taken the GRE twice, once in 1995 and once in 2003. Of course, 1995 was on paper, and I went to grad school in 96. in 2003 I thought I was going to go back, so I took it again. The practice tests were always harder to me, but just make sure your practice tests are computer based just like the real GRE, and you’ll know exactly where you stand. Plus, the way those stupid computer based tests are designed, the questions get harder if you are doing well, so you will feel confused and like you are doing poorly even when you aren’t. and likewise, when you are bombing, it makes the questions easier. it’s all a big psyche-out.


  4. Chevonne

    I took the GRE in 2002. I applied to two schools and got in both. (I ended up at Syracuse) :thumbsup:

    I was fortunate to be able to be in a FREE prep course in a summer research program I was in the summer before my senior year and it helped me a LOT. The difference is I took it RIGHT before they changed the format. I had an analytical section and I think you guys have a writing section now instead. If I dig up any of my old notes or worthwhile tips, I’ll be sure to email it to you. :typing:

    Don’t be worried girl! There’s only so much studying you can do. I think if you have the basics, you’ll be fine. Pray on it :pray: study what you can, but don’t get overly stressed. You have no other option than to be successful, you’re COURTNEY E.! :twocents:


  5. Cymple

    Aaawww. I must say I was fortunate enough to not have to take it. Apparently for the Computer Science program at my school, they said that GRE scores were not an indicator of whether or not you can complete graduate study. Since I have a masters already, they waive the GRE if I wanna get a second one. :thumbsup:

    I agree with the others, just study (for real, for real) and pray. Don’t give up! :hug:


  6. O

    Hey. I took the GRE a while back, and I wish I had read your post a month ago. But since you have a month and change left, the best thing I could suggest is to expose yourself to as many words as possible AND start using them. Your friends will all put up with 5 weeks of you using words in your posts that you have to define right after you use them, and it will help you own the words. Also, stay calm. if you see something you don’t know–even 10 things you don’t know–don’t panic. You can do it. And if you haven’t taken timed tests on a computer before, do it now. Your school probably has a place where you can go and sign up to take practice tests. If not, go to a bigger neighboring school, find someone in the Black student resources department, and ask them to let you do it there.

    Good luck


  7. Thea

    WAIT WAIT!!! u mean some LAME ASS PERSON Actually stole your PICS?! Geez people are so damn pathetic its sickening, i must admit i am curious to whom would do that. LOL@seeing a website with your pics claimin its them. I know u had to do a double take when u found out or saw em lol. People wishing they were good looking..i guess take that as a compliment in a stalking,weird kind of way lol.


  8. April

    I took the GRE this past spring, and the test was actually relatively easy. I did not get high scores though, because I took the GRE without studying for it. It’s a long story. If I would have studied for the GRE, then I know I would have done a lot better. Of course, I’m in graduate school, so it’s all good. You’ll make it Courtney, I know you will. :heart:


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