much like the last supper…I made my final *well kinda* purchase until the Texas trip…:thumbsup: I finally bought those Juicy Couture Angel Pants that i was killin for….but that will be it for a while, except for the few things i’m getting from BIG 5 today. Actually…anyone live in Texas… it hot there right now? Will I sweat out my fresh press when i go?

I bought some Pilates workout tapes to do when i get back from the gym everyday, and also for Thursdays since i dont go to the gym on Thursdays. I tried them out when i got home yesterday…and MAN, *holding head in hands*…..what a workout. lol. I called my mom to ask her SOMETHING and she was mad cause i was grunting in the phone…:blush:

Anyhow, after work, it’s Northridge, gym, pilates, sleep….in that order. :thumbsup: Glad everyone’s been doing so good on their weightloss track these past few weeks…..keep up the good work! :grouphug:

Til tomorrow…..