movingthis past week has been pretty productive….from getting back from Texas, to planning the move, to securing more clients and updating the design website.

I need a nap. :blush:

And it’s only the beginning, because now i actually have to look at all the crap in the apartment and start packing it…..*puts head in hands*….I’m gonna be throwing a lot of stuff out. Most last seasons clothes I’ll just have to give to the good will, but I dont mind since it’s for a good cause. :thumbsup: But the desk is going, and pretty much the only thing that’s staying is….dang…..the tvs of course, and the tv stands……the dining room table….and dang….i gotta sell my bed. :hissy: What if i just take my clothes, my tv, and my computer and start fresh? wouldnt that be easier? I mean, sure i’d have to deal with the issue of having to toss everything out, but isnt there a city dump somewhere??

There should be a company that handles this… a company that you can call and say, look…i need to move this date and i need the old place to be cleaned by this date ….how much do I owe? *giggle*

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey…… that might be a cool little startup….you know me and my startups…lol.

Anyhow, there’s nothing left but to pack and cry as i fill the boxes….:hissy:

eh well….new city, new start…….more fun.

Praise God for being able to do all this…….*sigh*….He so amazing. :hug:

Good day, ya’ll…..