Ever wondered where your Delivery order was? Ever waited on hold to find out where your delivery was? Ever had a driver ask you for directions to deliver your food?

Well, soon you’ll be able to save yourself the headache, and Track Your Grub with GrubHub.

Track Your Grub with GrubHub provides diners with:

  • Order confirmation SMS texts containing updated delivery and pickup estimates;
  • SMS text notifications when food is available for pickup or has left the restaurant for delivery; and
  • In select areas, mapping functionality on GrubHub’s mobile ordering apps, allowing diners to track the last leg of the delivery process.

The feature, Track Your Grub, allows users to use GPS to monitor their order as it approaches their location. Track Your Grub draws on existing technologies that let restaurant staff log when they receive and begin working on an order and delivery drivers log when they head out to deliver the order.

The restaurant check-in, OrderHub, launched in May. GrubHub provides hardware for restaurants to use. The driver check-in, DeliveryHub, launched in early October, but had not been previously announced. Drivers must use their own smartphones to run the free app which allows customers to view where their food is at any given time.

“The number one inquiry our customer service team receives is ‘Where is my food?’ Track Your Grub helps alleviate this anxiety,” said spokesperson Abby Hunt.

Track Your Grub: GrubHub Estimated Delivery

Mapping is currently only available in a handful of restaurants in New York and Chicago, because it requires the integration of OrderHub and DeliveryHub, but GrubHub expects more restaurants to participate.

“All of these features provide the sort of visibility that’s never been available when ordering takeout,” the company said in a short video demo of the features.