Guess who got a baaaaaaath…:lol: I took Abner to get a fresh Detail this morning, however, that might prove to have been a bad idea. It’s supposed to be rainy for the next two days. :thumbsdown: Besides the few errands i have to run today, it’s pretty much downtime until i get my ducks in a row for the next big Gibbs Enterprises move. :thumbsup: I’m hoping this next venture will be very lucrative, but we’ll see what happens. Prayer always helps, so if you would be so kind as to throw me in, I’d greatly appreciate it. :hug:

I think i’m gonna go ahead and start a countdown for the Costa Rica trip being that it’s in June and that’s only about 3 months away. Gives me time to actually save and what not. :twocents:

i cleaned out my car trunk yesterday…WHAT AN EVENT…dun ever do that once every two years….you wind up like me…i cut myself on one of the unrecognizably sharp objects that had been laying dormant in my trunk. :hissy: I suggest cleaning the trunk AT LEAST every 6 months….or hell, dun put nothing in it at all.

I had a whole bunch of stuff left over from sorority road trips and barbeques :thumbsdown: it was crazy. Who needs a bag of charcoal in their trunk? Or a can of pringles…God knows how long THOSE had been in there.

After i cleaned my trunk, i went ahead and attached the new license plate frame i got: reference a few posts below. Only took me a few minutes, but it’s on and i dun think it’s going anywhere. Next step is to change my license plates…..but…to what? *sigh* maybe i’ll just get the syquential joints like most everybody’ll be easier to get lost…..but then again with the RHOTTEN plates, my car would probably not be stolen since it would be easy to recognize and find unless they changed the plates first….i’m gonna stop rambling.

I did some minor updates to my site today and did some cruising around blogger to different blogs that i’ve never seen before. :grouphug: Seems more black folks are blogging these days….it’s an upward movement.

welp…that’s it for me today….i’ll probably add that stupid photo of me cutting my hand, and new pictures of the car with the new frame and new detailing… if i can find some time lata….:lol:

hope everyone has a Blessed Tuesday….