TVider works great on Blackberry Storm, and Blackberry Storm 2 using the Blackberry Tour Download option available at . I was a little concerned at first, because there wasn’t an option to download the Blackberry Storm version and there wasn’t a reference to Blackberry Storm at all on the page. But I figured I’d just go ahead and give the Blackberry Tour version a try since it’s basically the same thing… *well…kinda*…and it worked GREAT! Yay TVider!

Features Include:

  • Support for 3 types of media – Video, Audio, Pictures.
  • Tools to instantly generate media using webcam and mobile camera.
  • Option to publish a pre-recorded media tweet from your HDD or mobile SD Card memory.
  • Instant Micro Media Tweeting experience designed by limiting the media length to 60s in case of video and audio.
  • Reply and Re-Tweet the media Tweets in your timeline.

Testing a Photo:

Testing a Video:

I love it! <3