Eh well……i guess you learn lifes lessons every day….

Case & Point….

I went to Ikea last week to purchase some things for our new home….a lot of the stuff that I had priced out online was marked down by at least $10.00 when i got to the actual store which was FANTASTIC. I perused through the isles and dropped things into my basket and then afterwards went downstairs to the market hall to add furniture to my furniture cart. After i was done, i headed to the checkout line nearest the door and waited as the checker rang me up.

After she rang me up, she announced the price and I said, “oh cool….lower than i thought!”

*insert STUPID/BLANK FACE smiley here*

:wtf: Courtney……lol.

After i said that, she went through my cart, counted ALL the items again and realized that she had missed one……she added it on to the price. :mad: Then she proceeded to smile and apologize a thousand times as if the fact that she ADDED to the price wasnt enough.


Case & Point #2

I was on the phone with AT&T today to let them know that our four line phone system wasnt working and that the phones needed to be replaced. They asked me generic trouble shooting information and proceeded to instruct me ‘how-to’ troubleshoot……..great. So then it finally came down to them asking me other information to process the replacement request…

He asked, “so when did you purchase this item”…..

I said “mmmm…not sure, but it was probably back over a year ago”….

He says, “sorry we cant replace these if it’s been over a year…thank you for choosing AT&T….*click* ”

*blank stare*


From now on….I’m *zipping lips*.