I’m sitting here at the Lexus dealership…I’ve been sitting here since 9:30 this morning…it is now 11:18.

And it seems like every.time.i.come.here., there’s some new crap that needs to be done.

Last time it was the front breaks… ($550) …this time, they want me to do the full service. No…give me the minor service. I dont have $700 to just be randomly giving you this week. Please and Thank You.

Yes, I value this car, so I want to make sure that all the services are kept up to date until I trade it in…but goodness gracious…

The only good thing is that I’m able to sit here on the internet the whole time…and watch tv and eat free food. The cappucino machine is kinda hot…

But whatever…I dont want to be sitting here all day. Hurry. Up.

I still have to go buy a gift when I leave here…and go figure out what I’m gonna wear. And I had planned to do that all before 12:30…what the heezy.

I havent had a bratty moment like this in a long time.

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  1. Aurie

    I know I couldn’t handle that kind of cash outflow right now. I’ll stick to my Honda & my VW (even tho the VW has the potential of costing some serious loot down the line).
    The VW dealership has free WI-FI and that’s all I need. =) I still feel your pain tho.


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