No really…

Those folks have all the fun.

I went to Walmart this morning to get some spackle to cover up the holes from the flat panels…

I had just left the gym, so I was super tired… and not really feeling having to stand in any type of line.

I was glad that it was pretty much empty. So empty, they were having a team meeting in one of the aisles.

By the time I found the spackle and made my way to the counter, I was even more tired than when I first walked in…

But the lady at the door…whipped around and said, “Thank you for shopping at Walmart! Have a great day today! Come back soon!”…

It was almost out of one of those “Andy Griffith” reruns Incog likes to watch…

I had to look behind me to see if she was talkin to me…

But obviously…since the store was empty… it was meant for me.

Well alright now!

They don’t do that at Tarje’.

Have a good weekend, yall! Thank you for stopping by my website! Ya’ll come back now ya hear!?

7 replies to “I Wanna Be a Walmart Greeter

  1. Rece

    They do always have a greeter! It’s usually a disabled person I’ve noticed. Like physically disabled or slightly mentally retarded. I thought it was cool that they give them a chance. Gotta love Walmart! lol


  2. Chris-style

    lol, she was making sure she felt like she was working for her money! I don’t know about your Wal-Mart, but they don’t do that in da hood :-\ I was just thinking to myself about a month ago (the last time I was in a Wal-Mart) “I’ve NEVER been ‘greeted’ by a Wal-Mart greeter” :-( I felt un-special. Why can’t they say hi to me? I’m a friendly person….maybe they’ve been jaded by the many other customers that walk on by and don’t acknowledge their greeting, but I’d say hi back!!! I promise, I would! *sigh*


  3. Andrea

    They say hi to me whenever I go to the hood WalMart (Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza)…it’s always someone’s grandma or grandpa. I think it’s cute. Glad it made you stop and acknowledge something that a lot of people may take for granted. A simple smile and hello could brighten up someone’s day.

    Andrea’s last blog post..Excuses Are???/Whatever?


  4. Char

    LMAO, no one ever greets me and my friends when we go to WalMart, and we pretty much live there. I feel like I’ve been cheated out of my money now. Why don’t we ever get greeted?? =)


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