We got a tree! and booooy is it nice! We bought it on Wednesday, and decorated it on Thursday night…

IMG 0672 400

Super cute…only a few presents…I’m workin on it. :razz:

Things have been better…I can’t complain…I think the week before last, was the longest I’d had in a long time…I wasnt feeling good, and I was super stressed because I’d been rackin my brain on big decisions.

Last night (Saturday), Incog drove me to Griffith Park Observatory, to view the Light Festival!

IMG 0635 250

OMG…so much fun…so pretty in fact. I Love my babe’s surprises…:couple:

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After Incog left for work today, grabbed my usual White Chocoalte Mocha from Starbucks (Incog calls it my crack addiction) and headed out to my cousin Jen’s house to spend some time with her…was really good to go to lunch and catch up. After that, I headed back towards home, stopping at Target to return the extra tree decorations I had purchased. I wasnt sure what size tree we would get, so I had spent a little much.

I’m home…almost finished with my Christmas cards…still missing a few addresses (If you’re reading this, I blame YOU!). I’m looking forward to this Christmas…so happy to be in the presence of people that I love.
Miss you daddy! (RIP)

I hope you all have a good week! Stay Blessed!

PS. I’ll try to update more often…been crazy round here with the Holidays and all…