This weekend was kinda crazy…

With the rain and storming and all that…and living pretty much in the canyon, it was kind of a weird experience.

It was Incog’s and ADots birthday today. Yay! Happy Birthday!

We had fam dinner for Incog at BJ’s Restaurant. He got a free Pazookie for his birthday. Mmmm. Candle and all. lol. I should have taken pictures. Boooo.

But we did manage to get to Mt. High this Sunday. Fresh Snowfall. Whatcha know ’bout it?

The funniest thing we saw was this little kid who was getting on the lift. He had to be about 4 years old, but he was doing his thing. His dad had him by a back “pull” thing. So if he fell in the snow or if he wasn’t able to get up fast enough, his dad would lift up on this back “pull” thing to pick him up. It was so highlarious, and he was sooo cute. lol

Anyways, we hope to take our friends up there with us next time. We’ll see what happens.

I hope you guys all had a super weekend!

Stay Blessed