You ever just have one of those weeks?


I’d crawl under the covers if I could…but I have work to do. I dont have a choice right now.

There’s so much to do this weekend.

And I STILL haven’t gotten my manicure…guess that’s not happening.

*humming* Workin Workin Workin, Day and Night!

4 replies to “One of those Weeks

  1. Luke Cage

    I am having one of those weeks right this second. My weekend is going to be a wash because I have to work the entire time.. and this past week offered no relief pre-OT weekend time. Geez. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but is it Monday yet? Heyyy Courtney!

    Luke Cage’s last blog post..LE 173 – HULK ROCKS!!!!


  2. nadiyah

    every freaking single day… because it feels like I’m doing to same dang on thing everyday AND on top of that, I forget what days are what because it’s the same day one after another… SERIOUSLY.

    that’s my song you’re humming… mike is the truth


  3. Courtney

    Working for myself has me stressed out sometimes…but you learn to fight through it and you relish in those moments when you don’t have to worry about someone “making” you do something.


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