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It’s been a while…again. So much has happened that I was going to put things into categories for you, but realized that even THAT would be really long.

It rained today. And you know they say that when it rains, it pours…so let me give you a recap…

Last week was pretty okay. A lot of running around, to say the least.

I had a chat with Incog that I believe changed a whole lot of things for us. It’s a positive note. There’s nothing sour or wrong here.

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We went snowboarding last weekend. We saw snowFALL for the first time EVER. We had a LOT of fun, but managed to hit a patch of ice on the way back. Thank God for two selfless young men who helped us by pushing Lexi as Incog drove in order to get out of the ditch that several cars had already skidded into. I prayed the whole way home.

Last Sunday we went to go see a movie, and on the way out, i left my purse in the theatre. After sneaking into another movie, and driving about 2 blocks from home, i realized that i didnt have it and we drove back in a panic. When i ran up to the manager, he knew what i wanted. I didnt have to ask. But sadness set in when i realized that the person who turned in my Dooney & Bourke Purse and matching Wallet, neglected to turn in my Cell Phone. I purchased the new Treo the next day, but not without turning off the old phone and reporting it stolen so that whoever had it, could not use it OR activate it on another line.

I’ve been so tired this past week, I dont even know what’s wrong. Classes went okay, but it seems like I’ll be doing papers and reading books until Jesus’ Second coming.

Yesterday *Thursday* I received some “somewhat predictable” news that i “wasnt expecting”. I was kind of hurt, and felt like I had been led astray but came to the realization that SOON is so much better than NEVER.

Today, i took Lexi to the car wash to get a full detail…polish, wax, interior shampoo at the car wash down the street from my job. They were supposed to call me when it was ready, but they didnt. I called them, and was amazed to see that the Lexi looked really good…brand spankin new. I tipped the man who had done most of the work and drove back to my own job. About three hours later when I left for lunch, I realized that they had “neglected” to put everything back into the middle compartment. I lost my garage door opener, a pair of Guess Sunglasses, two CDs, a notepad and pen, and……the Car Charger for the new Treo that I purchased not even 5 days ago. I drove straight to the car wash only to reach a CLOSED sign. An hour after that….it rained.

We went to see Vendetta and The Hills Have Eyes tonight. They were both really good movies, but we realized that people can not control their children these days. Talking throughout an entire movie is NOT COOL. Neither is swinging your leg and kicking someone’s chair and then denying it when they turn around to ask you to stop.

Someone I knew….their father died last Sunday. I received the news tonight.

Tomorrow morning *this morning*, in about 6 hours, my mom will be knocking on our door. We’ll be making the trek up to Palm Springs for the weekend, to spend a day or so relaxing and taking in the views while my mom gambles. We’ll be staying at the Morongo Casino, Resort, and Spa. It’s supposed to rain, but i dont care…

I dont profess to know a lot…but, the Lord works in mysterious ways…He opens doors that we can not see…and He’s ALWAYS on time…

You see, I know that God is working…and I know that he’s opening doors…and this mini vacation…is RIGHT on time…

Stay Blessed…