Okay, so I finally got a chance to check my mailbox last night, and it was all good in the hood when I found my Wii Wireless Lan Card for Connect24. I plugged in and I was on the internet in 2 minutes flat…

But I haven’t played against anyone because I don’t have anyone’s Console Numbers.
Plus, I’m trying to get my fourth star in MySims. I can’t find the dang on purple crayons…so if anyone knows where they are…send a signal. lol

I found a cheat at MyCheats which says:

first, you have to have the 3rd star. then, unlock the desert, and under a landmass where there is a lot by its self, their is a cave. go in, and yuo can get by prospecting, red and yellow crayons, tina dolls, and tim dolls (tim dols are rare though). to get purple crayons, prospect near the railroad in the town to get stones, 8 balls, and purple crayons. (purple crayons are rare though)

So I’m going to give that one a try one of these days. These dang on Wiis are addictive man…*sigh*…

Anyways, I purchased my Wireless Lan Card from Ebay: Click Here

It wasn’t the fastest shipping in the world being that we’re in the same state and all, but it was OK and it worked when it got here, so I can’t really complain. *Remind me to tell you about the Lathem Employee Time Clock I purchased a few weeks ago. *

Alright…let me get to working… Send over those Console Numbers! *if you have WiFi…or if you’re planning on getting it*
Stay Blessed!