Yesterday *Friday*, I hit the gym in the morning as usual…only this time, I was running on slow because I went to sleep a little late the night before. When I got there, I realized that there was a sign up list for the Cycle Class and although I hadnt anticipated on doing cycle, I decide that I may as well. I had been doing cycle in conjunction with other cardio every morning since Monday, and wanted Friday as a rest day from the bike, but I mean…the list was there…there was open slots…why not?

When I got in there, there were just a few bikes left in the back, which was cool. I set up my bike to my liking, and started to pedal, just to get a good warm up going knowing that the class would start in 20 minutes. Everything was cool.

When the class started, and she asked us to get into third position *standing, but leaning forward, pressure on your butt and legs and feet*, I nearly died. I realized that I had on the wrong shoes. If you’ve taken cycle or pacing class before you know that the pedals have straps to strap your tennis shoes in, and it’s usually an all metal pedal. Not really a bike pedal with black plastic surrounding it. But an all.metal.pedal. Lol.

As soon as I stood up, I realized that the shoes werent thick enough on the bottom. I could feel the metal just grating into the bottom of my foot. And she wanted me to ADD.RESISTANCE? Ha. Please.

But I stuck through it… I was cringing the whole way through. lol. Glad I stayed in it though. But never will I forget my cycle shoes again! Promise!

I like the cycling class though. Monday – Wednesday, there’s one instructor, and then Thursday – Friday, there’s another instructor. While they’re both female, they have different styles. One instructor likes to talk you through the climbs and assure you that there’s “only 2 rap songs on this CD promise”… and another likes to hop off of her bike and run up to yours and shout at you to go faster and to “put your back into it”. That particular trainer started the class off by explaining how “ghetto” the bikes were because LA Fitness’ idea of fixing them up was painting the handle bars with black paint, and adding new straps on the pedals. I’m not sure which instructor I like better, however, the first one has more hip hop / r&b music, while the second has more…like….uuuh….non-hip hop and r&b music. ha!

But…that’s my cycle class in a nutshell. I’m excited for next week. Woo hoo!

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  1. Young Miss

    LOL. I love the cycling class. I just wear regular sneakers, but I guess the sole is thick enough for me to not be in pain. For a long time I didn’t even know they had cycling sneakers.

    I like when the instructor talks you through the hills and stuff. It’s more motivating to me.

    …how come I don’t get updates that you posted anymore? *sigh*


  2. Jo

    Ok well…me loving cyling like I do I’d go with the first instructor. I can’t imagine having an instructor come up to me talking about doing some damn yelling. Ummm how aboooouuuut NO!

    I don’t use cycling shoes but I know what you mean. I should probably get some.

    It’s a great workout, isn’t it? I always feel accomplished after.

    I got that DVD we talked about the other day and a Yoga one too. Just waitin’ on Amazon.

    Soooooooooooooo, when we looking at getting these Wii’s. I’m thinking next month sometime…maybe towards the middle/end. I’m a little broke right now. LOL


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