So far I’m loving the tennis game. Takes me back to when I was a tiny-top for Christ waking up at 6am on Saturday mornings to drive out to Ojai to meet up with my tennis coach.

I bought all of the accessories that I need for it already…yay Ebay! I managed to find everything in pink…from my remote controller, my nunchuk controller, the silicone skin and the carrying case. I’ll be able to tell my remote apart from Incog’s. The only thing that wasn’t pink was the Wireless WiFi USB Connector. But hey…I’ve got a pink marker. Don’t trip.

And now, I just need to purchase Wii Fit and it’ll be all good in the hood…
Here’s a video of Wii Fit.

The release is set for Late May 2008. The Japanese version is already out. And while I was born in Japan, I can’t read Japanese to save my life…lol…so I’ll just have to wait, and get my Dance Dance Dance Revolution on…Anyone else with Wii WiFi? Me and my Mii are up for the challenge. *flex muscles*


Have a great weekend…
Stay Blessed.